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reference sheet- Ciara by lopez765 reference sheet- Ciara by lopez765
nombre: ciara
genero: hembra
especie: canino
personalidad: malvada

Bullet; Green bio: ciara es una canina mala, vive en una casa abandonada que antes le pertenecía a su familia,  le gusta jugar con sus muñecas son muy especiales para ellas .

Bullet; Pink  interés romántico: ??

Bullet; Yellow extras:

* misteriosamente no se sabe que le paso su familia, según dice que fueron asesinados 
*  ella usa un vestido de color rojo, ya que representa su gusto a la sangre
* ella fue creada por una historia, llamada la niña que nunca se va 
* al principio ciara iba ser una niña pequeña, pero la cambiaron para una adolescente 
* siempre lleva una hacha, pero no se sabe por que lo usa
* tiene muñecas que son especiales para ellas, pero no sabemos por que son especiales 

(c) me

Name: ciara
Gender: female
Species: canine
Personality: evil

Bullet; Green Bio: ciara is a bad dog, lives in an abandoned house that used to belong to her family, likes to play with her dolls are very special for them.

 Bullet; Pink Romantic interest: ??

Bullet; Yellow extras:

* Mysteriously it is not known that his family happened to him, according to says that they were assassinated
* She wears a red dress, as it represents her taste for blood.
* She was created by a story, called the girl who never goes away
* At first Ciara was going to be a little girl, but she was changed for a teenager
* Always carries an ax, but it is not known why he uses it
* Has dolls that are special to them, but we do not know why they are special
jukeboxmurphy Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh crap. She looks just like a Ciara I know in real life! La la la la 
SlyZeke101 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
😑She's evil, huh? Well she better not try to do anything stupid like attempt to attack Amanda or the rest of my godkids or she's going down
PantiesUpskirt1 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So nice and cute. ^^
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